Monday, June 10, 2013's been a while since I posted.  Actually, for those keeping count, I did post a fun (I thought) little sci-fi piece  in early May, but pulled it as it is now in submission at a pretty bid deal-i-o sci-fi mag that will not publish anything that has been out elsewhere (even if it is on your own personal blog).  So, if I get lucky and it gets optioned, don't anyone tell them you saw it here first, 'kay (yes, I'm talking to the one or two of you who actually read this)?
I have a new story that will premiere here soon; again, it's another departure from my typical horror stuff, but stretching can be fun (unless it's like real, athletic/fitness-type stretching, 'cause that kind just sucks all the way around).
Also, I've been a little busy with a new short story submission that I have to get out by June 30, and my first novel, which I started at the end of May.  Add another new part-time job on top of that and you get even less time to write, I've discovered.  Unfortunately, utility companies do not recognize my striking good looks as adequate recompense for their services, so yet another occupation is required. 
Anyhoo, as I said, I hope to have something new here soon; I hope you (yes, you) will enjoy it.  If so, do me a favor and redirect someone else here.  It's the only way I'm going to build my army of enraptured minions (because I can only make so many of my mind-alteringly delicious pancakes at a time).

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